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Posted on July 6, 2009 | Filed Under Articles  

sunburnOkay, summer is here and a lot of you want to look great in your summer clothes so you’re thinking about getting a tan! There are some things you need to think about before you start laying in your backyards, by the pool or in a tanning bed.

When you start toasting your body, you can be asking for pain, wrinkles, or worse: cancer! There is still a great debate about what is too much and why so many who do get a “healthy tan” seem to be just that-healthy and yet it causes problems for others.

Some of the problems with tanning come from genetic tendencies to burn in the sun, especially for blonds and redheads. Other problems include the amount of sunlight where you live. Face it, in some parts there is really hot sun and, if you don’t watch out, it can really cause you problems.  And, of course, there is always the problem of being impatient and trying to get your tan on a Saturday so you look great for Saturday night!

One of the most neglected reasons for sunburn is an improper diet that lacks those elements needed to shield the body from harmful rays. Having enough B vitamins is important, especially pantothenic acid and PABA.  Antioxidants are also needed to help prevent free radicals from being formed or to neutralize them on the spot.  These free radicals are formed by various forms of radiation, including those from the sun, pollutants such as we have here and normal body processes.  If they are not properly neutralized, they can cause the skin to age with wrinkles being one of the first damage signs.  A good diet also allows the skin to form its own defensive barriers to harmful sun rays, Vitamin C complex with bioflavonoids helps with this protection.

Once burned, however, what can you do? Although Aloe Vera Gel is my favorite sunburn relief, other things might try include the following.  You can grind or otherwise powder barley and mix it with a little water and honey and the white of an egg and put it gently on the burn; applying a peeled and mashed cucumber is also helpful.  Other remedies include compresses made of either the juice of a raw grated potato, diluted apple cider vinegar.

Another great remedy is applying Vitamin E to the burned area. It not only helps to ease the pain and hasten tissue healing, it helps prevent scarring.  You should also take it internally for the greatest benefit.  Do remember though, that Vitamin E should always be taken with selenium so your body can absorb it correctly.  Nature’s Sunshine’s Vitamin E with Selenium is the perfect answer.

Zinc is another important mineral to remember for any repair of injury. In addition to zinc, your body has a greater need for other nutritional supplementation after getting a sunburn; Super Vitamins & Minerals, an easily absorbable multi-vitamin from Nature’s Sunshine that would be a wise choice.  If your skin becomes dry, Super Omega 3 oil is a good supplement internally as well as externally and so is lecithin, just use a little and rub it well into the skin.  Vitamins A & D also help keep the skin cells moist and may be used internally to prevent rough and scaly skin.

Remember that the skin is the largest organ of the body and is your personal shield against trillions of hungry microbes and pollutants of all kinds. Be sure to treat it with a lot of TLC this summer so it can continue to do its job for you.

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