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High Blood Pressure

Posted on March 21, 2009 | Filed Under Articles  

Excessive arterial tension can cause the heart to pump harder in order for blood to reach the extremities of the body. This results in high blood pressure. With high blood pressure there can be dizziness or headache, but often it mat not manifest any symptoms. High blood pressure increases the risk of stroke. High blood pressure may be caused by arteriosclerosis, fluid retention, kidney or hormonal imbalances, excess weight, stress, hyperinsulinemia or a combination of these factors. Determining the causes of high blood pressure will help a person select effective natural remedy support.

Hardening of the arteries can cause high blood pressure. The arterial plaque is obstructing circulation and must be removed to restore normal blood flow. Oral chelation using certain supplements can be used to gradually help remove arterial plaque from the lining of the arteries in order to improve circulation. The main product used is MC (Mega-Chel). Minerals, liver support, kidney support and heart & circulation support could also be considered when on the MC program.

Fluid retention or edema can also cause elevated blood pressure. Diuretics can be used to remove fluid from the tissue. Herbs to consider are Combination K, Cranbery & Buchu, Uva Ursi, K-C, Cornsilk KB-C.

Stress can cause nervous tension that can elevate blood pressure. There is some truth to people’s blood pressure rising the moment they step into the doctor’s office because they get nervous. Adaptagenic herbs such as ginsengs have been helpful in relieving some cases of high blood pressure caused by stress. Oher stress-reducing remedies that may help blood pressure include Magnesium, Stress Formula and Passion Flower.

Excess weight is a cause of high blood pressure because adipose tissue adds more blood vessels that the heart has to pump the blood through. Weight loss is therefore very important to normalizing blood pressure. Products to consider for weight-loss are Fat Grabbers, Carbo Grabbers, Collatrim, Chromium and Bod-E-Klenz.

Hyperinsulinemia or Syndrome X is a hidden contributing factor to high blood pressure and the developing of arterial plaque. This problem also contributes to weight gain. Dealing with this condition has resulted in dramatic reduction in blood pressure. Hyperinsulinemia is a condition where the body is overproducing insulin because of a diet full of simple carbohydrates. Reducing simple (high glycemic) carbs in favor of more complex carbs (low glycemic) and balancing protein fat and carbohydrate consumption can help. For herbal support consider GlucoReg, HY-C, LIV-J, Super Oil, and P-14.

Other general products which can help to support blood pressure are Hawthorn, Ginkgo & Hawthorn, Blood Pressurex.

Consider checking your thyroid and supporting your adrenals, as well as food and environmental sensitivities.

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