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WISE Analysis Online

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This page explains our ONLINE WISE Analysis consultation.
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ONLINE W.I.S.E. Analysis – it’s not just wise, it’s brilliant!

Pinpoint Your Areas Of Imbalance

What Is W.I.S.E Analysis?

Wellness Indicator Symptom Evaluator

Your personalized WISE Analysis charts show you which factors in your health are out of balance with the rest.

The WISE Analysis offers suggestions for OVER 60 health factors including the following health factors:

  • Heavy metals
  • Mineral deficiency
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Hydration
  • Gland/organ balance
  • Digestive issues
  • Lifestyle factors (exercise etc.) as well as pathogenic stress (candida, parasites) and much more.

It has been a long time since someone has developed a tool that can be used with ease to help evaluate health factors in a person and delivers results like the WISE Analysis.

WISE is great Health Evaluation Software that is accurate, simple to complete, relevant and comprehensive.

In addition, the 65 health factors are averaged to give you a profile of 15 Body Systems (Circulation, Immunity, Stress Quotient, Digestive System etc.)

1. The assessment is non-redundant, concise, user friendly
2. Specific clear language, no medical jargon
3. Simple sliding scale for grading the symptoms/indicators
4. 65 Factors organized in a logical fashion
5. Indicators organized into areas of the body
6. Scroll to get 2 valuable views of the information
7. The health Factors are averaged to give you a Profile of 15 Body Systems

Click on the image for a larger sample of the WISE Analysis Charts.
The sample will show 32 factors but yor completed WISE Analysis
show you a profile of 65 individual factors along with 15 body systems.

What you will receive:

The WISE Analysis charts showing a bar graph of 65 of YOUR factors and 15 Body Systems. This graph will be returned to you as a file attachment in your email.

Recommendations for your TOP 3 Problem Areas:

  1. Action suggestions
  2. What to avoid
  3. Supplement Suggestions

How Much Does It Cost?

You get everything above for only $44.95

How It Works

1. Make your payment below by clicking on the button. You’ll be able to pay using PayPal. Credit cards accepted through PayPal!

2. After making your payment, you’ll be re-directed to a download page where you’ll be able to download the WISE Analysis Questionnaire in Microsoft Word format.

3. Complete the questionnaire, save it and email it back to with the Subject Line “My WISE Scores”

4. After we compile the data, you’ll receive your charts and suggestion by email. Please allow 4 days for completion.

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