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Children’s Health

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Every parent will agree: ensuring your child receives proper nutrition is nearly impossible! Sweets, chips and fast food are very appealing to children. But as we all know, these “foods” are filled with sugar, hydrogenated fats and empty calories – a nutritional disaster! Worst of all when your children are out of sight – at school or at play – you have even less control over their eating habits.

Five healthy habits for healthy children
(excerpted from “Back-to-School Wellness Plan,” by Sue Frederick, Delicious July 1997)

  • Provide your child with a healthy diet including two servings of protein and plenty of fruits and vegetables daily
  • Limit the amount of sugar your child consumes, including fruit juice. Get your child to drink water instead, or dilute fruit juice with water
  • Go easy on dairy products which can exacerbate ear infections during cold and flu season
  • Encourage your child to get plenty of physical activity
  • Teach your child to wash his or her hands regularly to prevent the spread of germs

Nature’s Sunshine Herbasaurs For Children was developed with proper nutrition in mind, because good nutrition should start early. Herbasaurs are a totally unique concept in children’s herbal and nutritional supplements. They are designed specifically with children’s special nutritional needs in mind, and carry their own colourful label. They are manufactured with only the finest ingredients according to the highest quality standards in the industry.

Herbasaurs Elderberry Plus Chewable
Research indicates that elderberry has significant anti-viral properties, particularly against viruses normally associated with influenza and the common cold. Nature’s Sunshine combines the great taste and nutritional benefits of elderberry with immune-stimulating and adaptogen herbs, reishi mushroom and astragalus root. The medicinal properties of elderberry have been recognized since early Greece. And elderberry jams and pies are still a favourite treat. Combining elderberry with reishi mushroom and astragalus creates a supplement specially designed to help children overcome seasonal changes and upsets.

Herbasaurs Bifidophilus
In this formula, Nature’s Sunshine Products uses four strains of friendly bacteria that are specific to the needs of children’s intestinal tracts. Remember, different bacteria populate the intestinal tracts of children, so giving them a friendly flora product designed for adults would not be as beneficial as one specifically designed for children. And with today’s prevalent use of antibiotics, poor diets and other factors, many children need to have their bodies repopulated with the friendly bacteria so essential to digestion. To get the bacteria off to a good start when it reaches the intestinal tract, this product also contains fructo-ogliosaccharides, a fibre that provides necessary food so the friendly flora can thrive.The intestinal system is home to millions of friendly bacteria that play an important part in maintaining a healthy internal environment and immune system. Bifidophilus is a supplement that helps replenish friendly bacteria in children. Here’s a partial list of the good things friendly bacteria do:1. Make it difficult for unfriendly organisms like fungus and yeast (candida) to live in the colon.2. Normalize bowel movements. 3. Improve the ability of the immune system. 4. Help produce B vitamins and vitamin K.5. Help produce lactose, an enzyme necessary to digest milk products.

Herbasaurs Children’s Chewable Multiple Vitamins and Iron
Being a healthy child takes a lot of energy. Herbasaurs Multi Vitamins contain thirteen essential vitamins and iron and are designed to help parents meet their child’s everyday nutrient needs. Herbasaurs multi-vitamins contain thirteen essential vitamins and iron to give your child a nutritious start to each day. Each tablet is sweetened with fructose and natural-source, lemon-lime flavour in a base of bioflavonoids and herbs (rose hips, choline, inositol, wheat germ and myrrh gum, kelp).

Other Great Suplements For Kids
TNT (Total Nutrition Today)Nature’s Sunshine has designed a unique nutritional beerage and convenient bars to keep your family nutritionally topped up. It contains all essential vitamins and minerals, lus fibre, lant extracts and herbs for otimal nutition. TNT is an explosion of energy, nutrition and taste. So, when they can’t always eat right, give them TNT. New gluten-free formula.

Zambroza and Zambar
The whole family will love the taste and nutritional goodness of Zambroa juice blend and Zambar fruit bars. The most healthful fruits and nutritional supplements from around the world Rich in bioflavonoids and antioxidants Scavenges damaging free radicals Contains mangosteen with compounds called xanthones, offering powerful immune and cardiovascular support

Products listed in this article can be purchased here.

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