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I became involved in the world of natural herbal health the same way so many others do. My story begins about 20 years ago when, after a 2 and 1/2 year illness, I reluctantly agreed to see an Herbalist on the advice of a friend. I was surprised that through this alternative approach, my health finally began to return to normal.

This experience marked the beginning of an interest in herbs and natural health and I went on to study in the fields of herbs and iridology. My instructors have included Steven Horne, past president of the American Herbalist Guild, Dr. Kimberley Ballas, N.D., Jennifer Hough and through Nature’s Sunshine Рthe ORIGINAL herb company with tremendous scientific expertise.

It was obvious to me that if I had been so sick and desperate there were obviously many others out there who have no idea that there is help.

Through my desire to help others, I decided to do what I love to do – and that is to empower people with the knowledge and assistance thay need to help build their Health & Wellness. I offer private one-on-one consultations, using Iridology, W.I.S.E. Analysis and Herbology to help people on their journey of Health & Wellness.

I want my clients to maximize their potential for health and create a life they love.

To book a consultation appointment or for more information please call 905.846.3880 or use our Contact Form.

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