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Update on Vitamin D

Posted on January 13, 2011 | Filed Under Articles, Vitamin D3

Vitamin D: Getting enough can make a difference in your health during sunless fall and winter months.

Vitamin D – The immune System Activator: Canadians have now entered into the fall and winter months when it is impossible to receive enough sunlight to maintain adequate vitamin D levels for optimum immune function. For some time, medical researches have observed that around the world illness, viruses, infections, and even death, have followed a predictable pattern: fall and winter months, especially in the northern hemisphere, are associated with more illness than summer. Today, research has discovered that the correlation between fall and winter and increased illness is due to a lack of sunlight and the manufacture of vitamin D in the body. It appears that vitamin D has a unique relationship with our immune systems. Immune cells, as we now know, possess vitamin D receptors. Without adequate vitamin D, the immune system is not fully activated and cannot properly react to and fight off serious infections in the body.

Vitamin D strengthens winter health:
Dr. John Cannell, MD. of the Vitamin D Council has made the following observations regarding vitamin D and flu and other winter illness:

1. The flu predictably occurs in the months following the winter solstice, when vitamin D levels are at their lowest,
2. The flu then disappears in the months following the summer solstice,
3. The flu is more common in the tropics during the rainy season,
4. The cold and rainy weather associiated with El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO), which drives people indoors and lowers vitamin D blood levels, is associated with the flu,
5. The incidence of the flu is inversely correlated with outdoor temperatures,
6. Children exposed to sunlight are less likely to get colds,
7. Cod liver oil (which contains vitaamin D) reduces the incidence of viral respiratory infections,
8. Russian scientists found that vita-min D-producing UVB lamps reduced colds and flu in schoolchildren and factory workers,
9. Russian scientists found that volunnteers, deliberately infected with a weakened flu virus – first in the summer and then again in the winter – show significantly different clinical courses in the different seasons,
10. The elderly who live in countries with high vitamin D consumption, like Norway, are less likely to die in the winter,
11. Children with vitamin D deficienncy and rickets suffer from frequent respiratory infections,
12. An observant physician (Rehman), who gave high doses of vitamin D to children who were constantly sick from colds and the flu, found the treated children were suddenly free from infection,
13. The elderly are so much more likely to die from heart attacks in the winter rather than in the summer,

Getting adequate amounts:
More vitamin D is required during winter months and taking a suppleement is the most efficient method. The new Canadian Recommended Daily Allowance for ages 9 to 70 reccommends 600 IUs to 4000 IUs per day and cautions about exceeding the upper limit of 4000 IUs. However, many in the field of alternative health and vitamin D research say that durring winter and bouts of illness, short periods of higher amounts of vitamin D are well tolerated.

Get the maximum out of vitamin D. Include vitamin D co-factors:
Other nutrients can assist in the utiilization of vitamin D-these being magnesium, zinc, vitamin K2, boron and some vitamin A. The most imporrtant cofactor is magnesium. Adequate levels of magnesium are require for vitamin D to be utilized properly.
Article From: Sunshine Today December 2010

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