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Stubborn Weight

Posted on December 26, 2009 | Filed Under Articles

Some Causes of Stubborn Weight

What is the cause of your weight problem? Take the quiz to find out!

1. Body Clue:

a. Crave sweets, breads, and pasta
b. Crave salt (pretzels, cheese or chips)
c. Crave pickles and deep fried food
d. Crave creamy, spicy, hot foods

2. Body Clue:

a. Depression or hopeless
b. Worry or anxiety
c. Easily angered, moody
d. Moodiness or irritable at cycles

3. Body Clue:

a. Feel better on fruits and berries
b. Need coffee or stimulants to wake up
c. Fatty foods cause a tight feeling over right lower stomach or rib cage
d. Menstruation causes constipation

4. Body Clue:

a. Brittle nails with vertical (up and down) ridges
b. Brittle nails with no ridges
c. Pain/tightness in right shoulder area
d. Pain in right or left lower back area

5. Body Clue:

a. Weight more evenly distributed
b. Larger abdomen, skinnier legs and arms
c. Protruding abdomen (pot belly)
d. Lower thighs and hip fat (saddle bags)

6. Body Clue:

a. Dry skin and hair
b. Swollen ankles, socks leave creases on ankles
c. Bloating after eating
d. Hair loss at menstrual cycle

7. Body Clue:

a. Big or thick ankles
b. Round face
c. Finger joints get swollen or painful upon getting up in the morning
d. Hot flashes or history of bad menstruation

8. Body Clue:

a. Loss of hair at outer eyebrows
b. Facial hair (women)
c. Hot or swollen feet
d. Menstrual cyclic brain fog

9. Body Clue:

a. Internal body is always cold
b. Pain and inflammation
c. Headaches or head feels heavy in the morning
d. Excessive menstrual bleeding

10. Body Clue:

a. Puffiness around eyes
b. Unusual feeling of “out of breath” while climbing stairs
c. Brown spots on skin
d. Low sex drive

11. Body Clue:

a. Excessive skin sagging
b. Water retention yet feels dehydrated
c. Wake up 1-2 hours before alarm clock
d. Weight gain around menstrual period

12. Body Clue:

a. Tires easily even with exercise
b. Wakes up in the middle of the night
c. Deep crease down center of tongue
d. Waist and upper body is smaller than lower body (hips and thighs)?

13. Body Clue:

a. Thicker tongue
b. Larger breasts
c. Cracks in the corners of the mouth
d. Smaller breasts

14. Body Clue:

a. Cold hands and feet
b. Need nap around 3:00 in the afternoon
c. Not a morning person, but a night person
d. History of ovarian cysts

Count up how many in each category: A=Thyroid, B=Adrenal, C=Liver, D=Ovary

Total A’s ( Thyroid) ______________
Products that may be helpful include: KC-X, Essentials Liquid Minerals, Master G, ENERG-V

Total B’s (Adrenal) ______________
Products that may be helpful include: ENERG-V, Adrenal Support, Master G

Total C’s (Liver) ______________
Products that may be helpful include: Milk Thistle, LIV-GD, Enviro Detox, Vitamin C

Total D’s (Ovary) ______________
Products that may be helpful include: Master G, FCS II, C-X,

This will give you the main area that’s causing your weight gain. It is possible to have multiple things wrong but there will be a primary.

All herbal programs are enhanced greatly by taking either Digestive Enzymes or Garden Essence to provide the much needed enzymes to help break down food better, eliminate toxins better, and repair tissue. Ensure you are having good bowel movements and if not consider adding LBS II. Give us a call if you have any questions or to get assistance in finding the best products for your health.

Author – Richard Ask

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