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It’s That Time Of Year … Back To School

Posted on August 17, 2009 | Filed Under Articles, Children

It’s just about that time of year when parents prepare for their children’s school year. For some parents it’s celebaration time, for others it’s an emotional time. As you give thought to your children’s backpacks and lunches, don’t forget that good nutrition and health start at home.

Nature’s Sunshine has a variety of products designed to help kids stay healthy, happy and ready to learn. Here’s a list of some favorites.

Focus ATN
Focus Attention supplies the brain with nutirents it needs and may help improve your child’s concentration.

Start their Day the Herbasaurs® Way!
Herbasaurs products is a special Nature’s Sunshine line designed with kids needs in mind. Mass-market vitamin supplements can be loaded with sugar and other extras kids don’t need, Herbasaurs products are sweetened naturally and contain no artificial colors, flavors, sucrose or starch.

Chewable Multiple Vitamins and Iron
Contain thirteen essential vitamins and iron to give your child a nutritious start to each day. Each tablet is sweetened with fructose and natural-source lemon-lime flavour in a base of bioflavonoids and herbs (rose hips, choline, inoistiol, wheat germ, myrrh gum and kelp.

Chewable Elderberry Plus
Great taste and nutritional benefits of elderberry with immune-stimulating and adaptogen herbs, reishi mushroom and astragalus root. The medicinal properties of elderberry have been recogmized since early Greece. Elderberry jams and pies are still a favourite treat. Combining elderberry with reishi mushroom and astragalus creates a supplements specifically designed to help children overcome seasonal changes and upsets.

The intestinal system is home to millions of friendly bacteria that play an important part in maintaing a healthy internal environment and immune system. Bifidophilus is a supplement that helps replenish friendly bacteria in children. Here’s a partial list of good things friendly bacteria do: make it difficult for unfriendly organisms like fungaus and yeast (candida) to live in the colon, help normalize bowel movements, improve the ability of the immune system, help products B vitamins and Vitamin K, help produce lactose whic is an enzyme necessary to digest milk products.

TNT (Total Nutrition Today)
A unique nutritional beverage and convenient bars to keep your family nutritionally topped up. It contaiins all essential vitamins and minerals, plus fibre, plant extracts and herbs for optimal nutrition. TNT is an explosion of energy, nutrition and taste. So, when they can’t always eat right, give them TNT.

The whole family will love the taste and nutritional goodness of Zambroza juice blend. Bursting with the natural goodness of antioxidant-rich fruits and plant extracts such as mangosteen, apple, raspbery, green tea, blueberry, grape juice, sea buckthorn, wolfberry and grape seed extract. Your familt will experience an increase in energy and strengthened immunity.

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